Mineral Water Plant

Mineral Water Plant

Mineral Water System

Welcome to Krupashindhu Consulting Engineers, your trusted source for premium quality mineral water. At our state-of-the-art mineral water plant, we are committed to delivering pure and refreshing water that not only quenches your thirst but also promotes a healthy lifestyle. Here's a glimpse into the meticulous processes that make our mineral water stand out.

Raw water is chlorinated with the help of dosing pump, Sodium Hypo chloride is dosed in raw water before it is taken into the raw water tank/s. (Storage tanks are considered in your scope and should be of 20 M3 to 50 M3 capacity). Storing of water into this tank will give retention period for water and thus chlorine will effectively oxidize the organic impurities (kill bacteria and virus).  This chlorinated water is passed through Multi Media Filter with the help of Feed pump of suitable capacity to remove suspended impurities.

This filter unit gives the coarse filtration. Filtered water is then passed through Activated Carbon Filter to remove excess chlorine (de-chlorination), odour, colour and turbidity due to colloidal suspended impurities and organic impurities.  De chlorinated water is then dosed with Anti Scalent Solution to avoid scale formation on the membrane. This water is further passed through 10-micron Bag Filter Followed by 5 Micron Cartridge filter to remove micron particles to avoid clogging of the RO membrane and to improve the silt density index. This water is further dosed with SMBS solution to remove residual chlorine from Water. RO Unit is complete with High Pressure Pump, Membranes with Pressure tubes, Electrical control panel and wet panel, piping with valves and all the required accessories viz., pressure switch, solenoid valve etc. Reverse Osmosis unit will reduce the dissolved Salts up to 95% of the in feed TDS. RO treated water is either adjusted for TDS by blending Filtered water passed through 0.2 Micron Cartridge Filter followed by UV OR dosed with Mineral. pH is also adjusted in case of pH below the limit to raise to 7.5.  Treated water from RO unit will be stored into SS tank of 3000 Lts capacity.  This treated water is then passed through 0.2 micron cartridge filter before it is taken for the filling. Ozonator unit producing ozone gas is installed in series at the outlet of UV System to provide residual effect of ozone to the water.


• Chlorine Dosing System (Metering Pump)
To inject chlorine into feed water to inhibit the growth of bacteria and eliminate any existing bacterial contamination in the feed water. Complete with 50 Lts capacity High Density Polyethylene tank. LMI make High pressure chemical injection metering pump.

• Raw Water Booster Pump
To boost water pressure from raw water tank and to deliver to the pretreatment at pressure and volume required. SS 304 Pump of Grundfoss or equivalent, skid complete with control box, pressure gauge, check valves.  

• Sand Filter
To filter sand and sediment (turbidity) down to 20 microns at 2 ppm Stainless Steel SS-304/316 tank with Praher or MIDAS make Austrian control valve for backwash, rinse Filter media with graded sand, pressure gauge etc.  

• Activated Carbon Filter
To remove taste odors, chlorine, color and other organic material from feed water prior to reverse osmosis. Stainless Steel SS-304/316 tank with Praher or MIDAS make Austrian control valve for backwash, rinse, 2 layers of media with granular activated carbon, pressure gauge etc.

Schedule Of Exclusions

1.All civil works, such as plant building, shed, foundation of equipments, bolts, pipe Supports, supporting structures, platforms and mass concreting.
2.Construction of drain sump and drain channels and any special lining.
3.Plant area, building illumination, ventilation and earthing.
4.Supply of power to motors and water.
5.Raw water storage tank and pump.
6.All PUC pipe work beyond our termination Points.
7.Layout of the equipments, piping, cabling and erection has been considered as per our standard layout design. All piping, cabling, erection etc. required, as per client's specific requirement subsequent to order finalization shall be at extra cost.
8.Transit insurance shall be client's responsibility. Insurance has been arranged by us on behalf of the client for their convenience.

• Anti Scalent Dosing System (Metering Pump)
To inject Anti Scalent Solution into feed water to avoid scale formation on the membrane. Complete with 100 Lts capacity High Density Polyethylene tank. LMI make High pressure chemical injection metering pump.

• 5 Micron Filter
To remove micron sediment particles from raw water prior to Reverse Osmosis system to avoid clogging of membrane. SS housing with Micron Bag (washable) with pressure gauge etc.

• 10 Micron Filter
To remove micron sediment particles from raw water prior to Reverse Osmosis system to avoid clogging of membrane. SS housing with Micron Cartridges with pressure gauge etc.

• Fully Automatic Reverse Osmosis unit
To purify and remove 98% of all known contaminants.Fully automatic reverse osmosis system complete with High Pressure pump of Grundfoss or equivalent, high performance membranes of 40” x 40” or 80-40 long, Solenoid valve, pressure switch, Flow Indicators for reject and product water, state of the art control panel with TDS meter to continuously monitor the product water quality, Piping, Valves etc.

• SMBS Dosing System (Metering Pump)
To inject SMBS Solution into feed water to remove residual Chlorine if any in water. Complete with 100 Ltrs capacity High Density Polyethylene tank. LMI make High pressure chemical injection metering pump.

• SS Storage Tank for Storing Treated water
To store Reverse Osmosis permeate (product) water. SS 304/316 tank of 2000 Ltr. capacity. (Fabricated in House 2 to 3mm) 

  • SS Booster pump
To feed water to down stream micron filters and UV system. Stainless Steel Pump with control box, level switch interlocking, isolation valve etc. 

• Micron filtration units
To remove micron particles up to 0.2 Micron sizes. Stainless steel micron filter housing with cartridge, pressure gauge, etc

• UV Sterilizer Unit
To eliminate bacteria and Virus from Water. Stainless steel housing with UV Lamps, Quartz Jacket, Ballast etc. etc

• Ozonation Unit with Re pressurization Pump
To re pressurize the product water after storage and also to generate, mix and inject ozone gas into feed to filling system. Corona discharge ozonation unit with re pressurization pump, water sensor safety unit, ventury injector, heater for removing moisture from silica quartz used to remove moisture from air.

• Electrical Control Panel
To control all the Pumps & Electrical units SS 304 Electrical control Panel with TDS meter, Starters, Relays, Level Switches etc.

• Wet Panel
To control Flows and Pressure of all the units of the System. Panel with Flow Indicators, Pressure Gauges, Control Valves, etc.

Treated Water Quality

The approximate quality of treated water is as follows considered for design of system.
Suspended Solids : Nil
Turbidity : Nil
pH : 7.00 to 7.5
T D S : Less than 40 ppm
Total Hardness : 30 ppm as CaCo3
Bacteria Coliform : Nil

The above water quality is approximate assumption, We can change property of minerals/ions in water by editing the raw water in R.O

Civil Work Requirement
Being a set- up of food industry, the plant and machinery require utmost hygienic conditions :

Water Treatment Plant : Proper Shed with dust proof atmosphere.
Bottle Blowing : Proper Shed with Dust Proof Atmosphere.
Rinse, Fill, Cap Machine. : Completely closed room.
Lab : Air Conditioned closed room.
Raw material, finished Goods Storage. : Closed room, without dampness.
Flooring & Ceiling : Colour should be white.
The floor should be properly tiled.
* There is no exhaust and is completely pollution free plant.

We would require :
• Stable Raw Water supply.
• Raw water storage tank up to 10000 to 30000 ltrs.
• Proper building as per recommendation.
• 3 Phase (440 V) Electrical points.
• Stable electricity supply.

Source of Purity:

Our mineral water begins its journey from a pristine source, carefully selected for its purity and mineral content. We understand the importance of starting with the finest water source to ensure that our end product meets the highest quality standards.

Advanced Filtration:

To guarantee the removal of impurities, our water undergoes a rigorous filtration process. We employ cutting-edge technology and advanced filtration systems that eliminate contaminants, bacteria, and unwanted particles, leaving behind only the purest form of water.

Mineral Enrichment:

While ensuring purity, we also recognize the significance of maintaining a balanced mineral composition. Our mineral water is enriched with essential minerals that contribute to overall well-being. These minerals not only enhance the taste but also provide health benefits, making our water a smart choice for hydration.

Bottling Excellence:

The bottling process is a critical step in preserving the freshness and quality of our mineral water. We utilize state-of-the-art bottling equipment in a controlled environment to prevent any external contamination. Our bottles are designed to be eco-friendly, ensuring that your commitment to the environment aligns with ours.

Quality Assurance:

Quality is at the core of everything we do. Our mineral water undergoes stringent quality checks at every stage of the production process. We adhere to international standards to guarantee that each bottle meets the highest quality benchmarks, providing you with a product you can trust.

Environmental Responsibility:

We are committed to sustainable practices and environmental responsibility. Our plant is designed with energy-efficient systems, and we actively participate in eco-friendly initiatives. By choosing our mineral water, you are not only prioritizing your health but also contributing to a healthier planet.

Customer Satisfaction:

Your satisfaction is our priority. We value your trust and strive to exceed your expectations. If you have any questions or concerns, our customer support team is readily available to assist you.

Experience the purity and goodness of [Your Company Name] mineral water – the perfect choice for those who seek hydration with a touch of excellence. Trust us to deliver water that goes beyond quenching your thirst – it nourishes your body and soul.

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