Fully Automatic Bottle Blowing Machine

Fully Automatic Bottle Blowing Machine Manufacturer And Exporter

Fully Automatic Bottle Blowing Machine

Krupashindu Consulting Engineers manufacture and export a variety of Fully Automatic Pet Blow Moulding machines. These automatic blow molding machine are extensively used in various industries for manufacturing pet bottles, pet jars, plastic bottles, plastic jar, mineral water bottles, mineral water jars.

Our automatic blow molding machine are known for high performance, low maintenance and smooth operation..Our machines are known for manufacturing products of simple and unique design.

Our machines have the following specifications :

The main features of our PET blow molding machines are given below

  • ❖ Air Recovery System for Power savings.
  • ❖ Auto-feeder for performs to reduce manpower.
  • ❖ Comes with HYDRO-PNEUMATIC Mould Clamping System.
  • ❖ Ensures even heating of PET performs.
  • ❖ Multiple security devices insure the safety of operators and protect the machine.
  • ❖ Perform carriers and blow cells are easily changeable that allows product versatility.
  • ❖ Provides sufficient and steady High Pressure for Blowing Large & Irregular shaped bottles.
  • ❖ Special hydraulic valve for fast mould opening / closing.
  • ❖ Special hydro-pneumatic valve for fast mold opening/closing.
  • ❖ Specially developed ejector and loading arms.
  • ❖ Step-by-step FOR SEMI mode & auto mode operations.
  • ❖ The air system has been divided into two parts: Pneumatic Action Part and Bottle Blow Parts.
  • ❖ Trouble storage can be accomplished by accessing the LCD display screen that is programmed to assist the operator in evaluating machine conditions.
  • ❖ In built self diagnostic function will display faulty areas with causes and remedies to ensure hassle free production.
  • ❖ Specially designed Hopper storage to hold 150 Kg perform which ensure at least 3 hours continuous production.
  • ❖ Ensures tight closing of moulds even under high pressure.
  • ❖ Equipped with silencer and oiling system to lubricate the machine's parts.
  • ❖ For a better quality output, it uses combination of Festo make pneumatic and hydro-pneumatic versions.
  • ❖ High quality valves and cylinders for trouble free production festo make only.
  • ❖ High sensitive sensors are provided for safety of the machine.
  • ❖ Hydro-pneumatic clamping system for better quality bottle and low electrical consumption.
  • ❖ In built cooling system for neck cooling, mold cooling and oil cooling.
  • ❖ In built self diagnostic function to display faulty areas with causes and remedies.
  • ❖ Mechanical and electrical safety systems ensure robustness and long lasting service of the components.
  • ❖ Meet the different pressure requirements for the action and blow.
  • ❖ Compact design for space saving.
  • ❖ Constant quality of bottle production is based on the precision repetition of heater control and stretch motions.
  • ❖ Ejector and loading arms are well developed.

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