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1. Underground water
The water is extract from the underground water source by pumping system and tranfer through a special designed pipe to the production department.

2. Aeration
The organic compound from the underground water source is oxidized to remove the unneccesary molecules in the water.

3. Pre-ozonation
The oxidized water is going through further oxidation to ensure the water is 100% pure from unneccesary molecules.

4. Preliminary, intermediate and membrane filtration
Filtration is to remove the suspended solid from the water. It is the micro filter process after the pre-ozonation process. The first filtration process is the preliminary filtration which break down the solid from big to small. Follow by the intermidiate and membrane filtration to further break down until they become fine solid.

5. UV sterlization
The water is then undergo UV sterlization to remove the bacterial and germs to ensure the water is safe for comsumption.

6. Filling
This is an automated process whereby the water is going to be filled into the rinsed bottle auomatically by the machine.

7. Capping
The bottles that have filled with water are now close up with caps. All the caps are washed for hygiene purpose.

8. Product coding
The product code, manufacturing date and expiry date are printed on the cap of each bottles of water for the factory's record and also customers' references.

9. Labeling
The label is being stick on the bottle through automated machine. The label contains some important information such as product name, ingredients, nutrition information, manufacturer and so on.

10. Packing
The finish products are now pack in box according to the product categories. The 230ml cup water and 600ml bottle water are packed 24 units in a box, the 1500ml bottle water is packed 12 units in a box while the 6000ml and 9500ml bottle water are packed 2 units in a box. The boxes are then sealed with tape to protect the products inside and prevent damages.

11. Palletizing
The boxes are then arrange in 11 boxes per layer on the pallet. Each pallet contains 5 layers which mean 55 boxes. The pallets are then wrapped with plastic wrap to stabilize the boxes and shift to the warehouse.

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