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Commercial Reverse Osmosis System

DM plant is mostly used in chemical factories. Raw water should available at raw water inlet at pressure not less than 2 kgs/Cm2 and not more than 3 kgs/cm2.Raw water supplied to the plant should always be of filtered water quality, clear and free of any organic turbidity, organic matter and oil. Then it is suggested to install to the unit. Make sure that the regenerate solution used is always clear and free of dirt / suspended particles which can choke the strainer and ejector and result in to an unsatisfactory regeneration. Also check the quality of the regenerates used. As these units are of the up-flow type and the cylinders are more or less fully packed, backwash is not necessary. When commissioning a plant with new resin the treated effluent may have slight odors of amine, this will disappear after a few regenerations. The discolored effluent however must be discharged to drain till the color has learned up before putting the unit to SERVICE

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